Jeremy Ballard, MAR

Certified Mental Health Coach
Certified Professional Life Coach

Supervised by Robert Burgess


* Certificate of Ordination – Cedar Grove Baptist Church (Greenville, TX)
* Certificate of Professional Life Coaching – Light University & AACC
* Certificate of Mental Health Coaching – Light University & AACC


* M.A. Religion, Liberty University with concentration in evangelism and church planting

Populations Served

* Individuals 18+
* Adolescents 16+ (case-by-case basis)

Areas of Focus

* Leadership Coaching
* Pastoral Care & Ministry
* Church Liaison
* Mental Health & Life Coaching


* English
* Chinese (Mandarin)

Philosophy of Coaching

At the core of Jeremy’s coaching philosophy lies his belief in the inherent potential of every individual. He firmly holds the conviction that each person possesses unique talents, strengths, and abilities waiting to be discovered and nurtured. Jeremy’s passion for helping others unlock their full potential drives his coaching approach.

Jeremy sees coaching as a collaborative partnership between himself and his clients. He views himself as a guide and facilitator, empowering individuals to navigate their personal journeys with clarity and purpose. By actively listening and asking insightful questions, Jeremy creates a safe and supportive space where clients can explore their goals, aspirations, and challenges.

With a deep sense of empathy and understanding, Jeremy meets his clients where they are in their lives. He recognizes that each person’s experiences, backgrounds, and circumstances are unique, and tailors his coaching techniques accordingly. Drawing from a diverse range of coaching methodologies, including strengths-based approaches and goal-oriented strategies, Jeremy helps individuals develop personalized action plans that align with their aspirations.

Jeremy believes in fostering a growth mindset within his clients. He encourages them to embrace challenges, view setbacks as opportunities for learning, and embrace their own resilience. By instilling a sense of self-belief and confidence, Jeremy empowers individuals to overcome obstacles and embrace positive change.

Furthermore, Jeremy places great emphasis on holistic well-being. He understands that personal growth encompasses various dimensions, including emotional, spiritual, and relational aspects. Jeremy encourages his clients to cultivate balance in their lives, nourish their relationships, and prioritize self-care.

As Jeremy becomes part of The Counseling Cove, he is thrilled to contribute his coaching expertise within a team dedicated to supporting individuals in need. Together with his colleagues, Jeremy looks forward to creating an environment of healing and transformation, where individuals can find the guidance and support they require to thrive and achieve their desired outcomes.


Jeremy’s upbringing in a Christian home has profoundly influenced his life, and he has cherished his faith since he was a young boy. Jeremy finds great joy in assisting and encouraging others to deepen their faith and lead fulfilling lives. Jeremy’s unwavering dedication to empowering individuals to reach their full potential has led him to pursue a path in coaching. With a genuine passion for helping others thrive, it was only natural for him to embark on this fulfilling journey.

When he is not taking care of clients or working, Jeremy enjoys fishing and hunting. Jeremy is happily married and cherishes his role as a loving father to his daughter. Currently, he holds the esteemed position of a college professor, where he imparts knowledge and mentors undergraduate students


Constantly seeking personal and professional growth, Jeremy is pursuing his doctorate of ministry in leadership coaching. In addition to his academic pursuits, he serves as a non-profit organization’s president and executive director, dedicating his efforts to meaningful and impactful projects. 

Previously, Jeremy has taught ages ranging from 2 years old to adults. He has served in foreign missions of various capacities and various countries abroad. Jeremy has also served as a youth minister and is an ordained minister.